Colorchain Recognized As Best Medical Apparel Supply Enterprise For Second Consecutive Year At 2023 Private Healthcare Awards

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Boutique BogotáColorchain’s product innovation, commitment to positive social and environmental impact, and steady growth in the market were cited as key reasons to get them this recognition once again.

[Bogotá, March 28th] Colorchain, a medical apparel enterprise with a global reach and headquartered in Colombia, has recently been recognized by Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) as the Best Medical Apparel Supply Enterprise in their 2023 Private Healthcare Awards. For the second year running, the startup has excelled in product innovation and customer experience to enhance the private healthcare sector.

Colorchain was founded right before the pandemic, seeking to adequately equip healthcare workers in case of a health crisis. The startup makes medical apparel for physicians, ranging from custom-made fits and safe materials, to practical and ergonomic designs and fashionable styles. The startup also uses a vertically integrated just-in-time manufacturing process that rejects cookie-cutter design and production to offer a high-performance, quality product with social impact and environmentally friendly practices.

GHP is an online publication spotlighting news, trends, and informative articles with a global circulation of 110,000 monthly readers. Their core mission is to provide an unbiased lens to inform industry leaders and make a case for game-changing companies revolutionizing healthcare.

The Best Medical Apparel Supply Enterprise award recognizes companies challenging conventional approaches to textile manufacturing in the healthcare industry. The solutions presented by the winners integrate advanced technology with diligent effort, customer satisfaction, and quantifiable results, highlighting the potential of their business and its capacity to aid the industry in the forthcoming years. 

Among 30 nominees, Colorchain’s final product and business model have proven to be evergreen. Their sustainable processes take a stand for fair labor and quality materials amid fast fashion. This recognition will propel Colorchain‘s goal to expand their operations and break into wider markets, like the US and Europe. 

"We are deeply honored to receive this award, and I would like to express my gratitude to our incredible team at Colorchain—they’re our driving force. As a brand, we’re proud to serve such an essential industry as healthcare and the growing market that supports it,” said Carolina Hernández, CEO of Colorchain, “This recognition is a testament to how we’re achieving our mission. We will continue to work tirelessly towards our goal, not just for the betterment of Colorchain but for the betterment of the industry as a whole."

The healthcare sector is currently facing challenges that have piled up on exhausted healthcare workers. Unfortunately, their apparel options in the market remain limited, with generic sizes, low protection from microorganisms and biological fluids, and impractical designs—furthering their discomfort and unnecessarily exposing them to dangers at work. Proper workwear that fulfills these gaps and acts as personal protective equipment is the next milestone for the medical apparel industry.

About Colorchain

Colorchain is a medical apparel enterprise that has a global reach and is headquartered in Colombia on a mission to disrupt the medical apparel industry with custom-made, high-performance, protective garments for healthcare workers. Founded in 2019 by an epidemiologist with experience in anesthesiology, traumatology, and surgical procedures, the brand’s team has firsthand knowledge of critical issues physicians face daily with their apparel. With the help of technology, quality textiles, and fair workforce conditions, Colorchain is set to become physicians’ go-to medical clothing brand.


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